This part of the website will be online per 1-1-2017 -
The Netherlands Foreign Trade and Development Agency (NFTDA) was formally launched in Singapore in August 2016. Pursuant to its official launch NFTDA strives to be fully operational per 1-1-2017. NFTDA serves as a first tier gateway for Dutch corporations willing to probe activities abroad - most notably in ASEAN member states, China and / or India. Albeit a Dutch agency, NFTDA headquarters are located in the Marina Bay Financial Centre - Singapore. Through a network of agents NFTDA pulls strings for regulatory and policy changes which favor bilateral trade and investment between The Netherlands and the three aforementioned regions and reinforces their mutually beneficial relationschip. From its head location in Singapore NFTDA keeps track of notable changes and opportunities for Dutch corporations and serves as a lobbyist platform for the exchange of information with and amongst its Members. Afilliation to NFTDA is free of cost and open to any Dutch corporation which meets the thresholds specified in its Articles of Association. Membership to NFTDA is subject to invitation only.

Until NFTDA reaches organisational and financial maturity it will receive and remain dependent on governmental financing to further the objectives which have been ascribed to it in its Articles of Association. In case the client meets the criteria which have been stipulated in the Articles of Association, NFTDA will provide its services free of charge. These services include but are not limited to foreign business project scans, foreign business partner scans, registration of licenses and / or patents, market penetration and feasibility studies, drafting international contracts and tailored tax / customs consultancy. In order to meet the criteria, the client must be incorporated in The Netherlands and operate in any of the sectors which the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs earmarked to be top-sectors of the Dutch economy. These topsectors concern AgriFood, Chemicals, Creative Industries, Energy, High-Tech Systems and Materials, Horticulture, Life Sciences and Health, (Aerospace) Logistics and Water Management.

Prior to the official launch in 2016, NFTDA probed the need for its activities on a small-scale, informal level. The necessity and feasibility assessment took place in a target pool of large Dutch multinationals as well as small and medium sized enterprises over the course of 2014-2015. The results pinpointed the need for tighter coordination and smoother facilitation of trade in goods and services between The Netherlands on one hand and ASEAN on the other. Having successfully cooperated on several low-profile events in South-East Asia, permission was granted to launch a pre-stage of activities in 2016 towards full operability in 2017. A team of experts ranging from former government officials to legal counsels specialised in international business law has been formed and will be expanding on the roadmap towards full operability in 2017.

On top of its services to Dutch coporations willing to expand abroad, NFTDA through its section Holland Branding facilitates the transition of foreign direct investment into the Netherlands. Whether it is about finding a suitable location to start business in the Netherlands, introduction to business networks or tailored counsel on the regulatory framework and tax schemes in the Netherlands, NFTDA stands ready to serve foreign corporations as a first tier agency providing free of charge services in every fase of their expansion towards the Netherlands.